Everything about Fishing Rods

How To Choose Best fishing Rod?

Basically, fishing rods are made of carbon material. Manufacturers combine the three different material together to make a strong fishing rod. In order to make the perfect rod for fishing Plastic, Composite carbon and Kevlar are used together. Mass of carbon is light as compared to its strength which allows some thinner fabrication while keeping the length and span. Lighter rods are easy to use and you fell low pressure on your shoulders while handling them in windy conditions.

Silicon carbide, chrome (hard) and ceramic rings are most commonly used in quality rods to letting the line pass through without much resistance. Next time when you go for buying a fishing rod choose one with these rings for an excellent fishing experience. We all know silicon material is bit costly but if you want can choose ceramic rings like Zircon. These are cost-effective but not strong as silicon ones. If you want stylish, shining rings chrome ring are good option to choose. The downside of chrome ring is they need to be replaced every year. Approximately 13 rings are must in a rod from handle to tip for a better experience.

Length of the rod:

You have to choose length according to your plan of fishing. This means if you have a plan of far out fishing you need the larger rod, this will give you the more control over in every situation. On the other hand, if your plan is to fishing in an enclosed area you need a shorter rod for great fishing. To know more about fishing rods we spoke to the guides of SARASOTA FISHING CHARTERS. They said for fishing in Florida people use 13ft (3.9m) long rods.


Cork or Foam are used to make handles. This is the matter of personal choice. Got to the seller, ask to show you the rods with cork and foam. Check the handling, see which has more comfortable grip and go for that. There is nothing complicated in the handles almost all are same.

Bending power:

This term is also called the action which means how your rod bends when placed under a good amount of strain.

There are two types of the tip on a road, the spliced and hollow tips. Hollows are using to catch crap, trench, where you need to make long-distance strikes. spliced tips are spliced with two feet carbon, these are sharp rod famous for fast fishing.

While choosing a rod, consider below given questions?

Are you the beginner, a weekend warrior or fish player and where do you fish? If you are complete beginner our advice is to choose budget rods, spend less money for the first rod. When you gain experience and learn right fishing techniques than choose high-performance rods.

Only fewer rods are made to use in freshwater and saltwater. Most of the rods are made for the specific fishing environment.

Comfortable: choose those fish rod which you feel are more comfortable for you and you can also handle it easily without much effort.

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