The desire for fashionable looking clothes does not go out of style ever. Here are some tips for older people fashions for woman and men over 40.

If you must pay for it- then make sure you are paying for a classic. Think Calvin Klein and Chanel. Always make it a classic with clean lines that define your personality. Wear nice but understated jewelry. The flip side of that is if you like designers like Betsy Ross, Gucci, Miu Miu then less accessory is better. Otherwise, shop for good bargains that make you look like you spent money.

For those who are older, they have the advantage such as knowing what looks good on them in almost any designer. Most also follow one of two rules: dress for your body and follow the lines or cover it up and layer your clothing. If you were to shop at a store like Lord & Taylor you could find good buys with Ralph Lauren (any of his lines), Tahari, Jones New York, Betsy Ross, Tracy Reese, and Karl Lagerfeld. Even Vera Wang and Oleg Cassini. If you are a man and want to look spiffy you could wear designers like Brook Brothers, Calvin Klein, and Cole Haan. You can also wear Adidas and Nike activewear as well. Also, I have noticed that older people tend to like pants that end above their ankles-what is up with that? I think it is a general trend in the older generation fashion. But you could also wear clothes as well.

Some more tips on older people fashions for a woman or man over 40:
1. Never wear something that would embarrass you.
2. Wear clothes that flatter the figure you have now and not the figure you had then.
3. Make the fabric comfortable and breathable.
4. Wear a hat or some other type of skin protector and
5. Wear comfortable shoes.

If you keep to those rules, you will be a fashion icon of your age group for many people and for many years to come.